Batanes Description

Batanes, Philippines

          A group of islands that only few have discovered because of its isolation and unpredictable weather conditions.

          The Northernmost point of our diversely beautiful Philippines

Among the 11 islands, only 3 are inhabited: Itbayat, Batan and Sabtang, others  Mavudis (Yami), Misanga, Ditarem, Ali, Siayan, Dinem, Vuhus and  Adekey are grazing lands.Image


Batanes Trip

All year round, touring the island of Batanes is perfect for the reason the island has four season similar to Taiwan. From December to February, it is winter season. March to May, it is spring season. June to August, it is summer season and from September to November, it is fall season. From time to time, weather changes. It usually shift from sunny day to rainy day or from hot to cold weather. Occasional rain shower occur during any season. But still tourist enjoy the island.